who we are

Countrymen. Men of challenges. Men of work. Men of respect.

We are rural producers of essential oils and cattle breeders. We are a family that aims at taking accurate and responsible care of the land so that it may produce its best. We also aim at opening new paths and raising new challenges. We are rural producers with entrepreneurial vision and technical ability regarding the field.




our mission

Whatever is done is to be very well done.

Creativity. Research. Control. Professionalism.

We seek the improvement of our activities, the continued qualification of our personnel, and the excellence of our products.

our history

It all started with our Patriarch, Celso Garcia Cid, a man of keen vision and no fear of challenges. In mid 1960’s, he decided to travel to India in order to find solutions to ameliorate the genetics of the Zebu cattle in Brazil. He made friends and faithful partners there and, after strenuous efforts, he succeeded in bringing that which was the best cattle in India for Brazil. This made such a positive impact on the Brazilian herd that the consequences are fruitful to this day. 


Jacatiá Farm has continued this legacy and is in its third generation, breeding cattle of genetic amelioration with focus on the production field.


In 2012, a new challenge arose, namely, the production of essential oils from aromatic plants. We have invested time, resources, and studies on the development of an initial project of citronella and lemongrass seedling plantation in an irrigated area of the farm. A distillery facility was carefully built and prepared to bear a high-volume production. 


We have now started to reap the fruit of hard work and dedication with a production of essential oils of high quality citronella and lemongrass, having a clientele from several sectors of the Brazilian industry, such as manufacturers of cleaning products, cosmetics, veterinary products, etc.

Besides, we have reached the final stage of studies concerning the plantation of palma rosa  and melaleuca (Australian tea tree), in search of amplifying the scope of products to be offered to our clients.


Celso Garcia Cid purchases Jacatiá Farm;


The first cows and bulls of the Brahman breed are imported from the United States;


Celso Garcia’s third generation take over the responsibility of managing the property, directing the work towards the improvement and marketing of Zebu genetics: Brahman and Nellore breeders;


Consolidation of Sales of Brahman and Nellore breeders in Brazil’s Southern Region and state of Mato Grosso do Sul;


Studies on the feasibility of implanting the project of extraction of essential oils;


The planting of citronella and the construction of the distillery facility;


The planting of lemongrass;


Citronella and lemongrass production of essential oils and hydrolyte;


Expansion of areas for the plantation of the aromatic plants.


our products

Our essential oils and hydrosol are extracted by means of the steam trawling method and are 100% natural, that is, with no additives. Chromatographic analyses are carried out at Londrina State University (UEL) 


Hydrosol, also known as floral water, contains, in each and everyone of its drops, all the essence of the plant, as a hologram. It is considered to be the homeopathy of aromatherapy.



Through the distillation process, highly concentrated oil is extracted from the plant. It contains the aroma and the therapeutic properties that may have hundreds of chemical components which cause several benefits to human health.


of Organic Products

Healthy soil. Healthy man.

Our values of respecting the soil and its biodiversity, allied with the constant search for the excellence of our products, have taken us to the wondrous experience of becoming part of the organic family, being certified by IBD (www.ibd.com.br), the largest and most respected certifying body in Latin America.

What does that mean?
  • green and sustainable agriculture

  • no use of pesticides

  • environment preservation

  • products inspected and traceable

  • constant auditing and quality control

  • respect for our employees and partners

  • implementation of selective trash collection throughout the property






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